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November 12, 2010

The Monster 5 for Friday--Careers Edition--November 12

We honored our country's veterans this week, on Thursday, Veterans Day. At the same time, there was far too much in the news about the difficulty that returning veterans are having in their job searches: in October, the unemployment rate for veterans who have served since September 2001 was 10.6 percent--a full percentage point above the national average.

If you are (or if someone you love is) a veteran who's hunting for a job, take a look at great one-stop resource for veterans and active-duty military personnel. Also check out,'s Military Transition Center, and G.I. Jobs' new list of the top 100 military-friendly employers.

Thank you, veterans. We are all in your debt.

And here are five of our favorite career-advice articles (for veterans and civilians alike) from the past week:

5. One of this week's big stories in the world of employment was reported by the Huffington Post (among other publications): "White House Fielding Questions from the Unemployed on Facebook." Join the conversation now on's Facebook page.

4. Many people overlook a simple job-interview step that influences 88 percent of hiring managers surveyed. Read more in "Say Thank-You for Your Interview."

3. It's a nightmare predicament: You quit your job for a new one. Then the new one doesn't work out. And you have to go crawling back to your old boss to ask for your old position back. We hope it never happens to you, but has some tips in "The 'Oh $#*!' Moment: How to Beg for Your Old Job."

2. Ageism (real and subconscious) can be a real problem for job seekers on the mature side of 40. But there are simple (and non-surgical) ways to give your resume a face-lift--read "Rejuvenate Your Resume."

1. Don't blow your job interview by using language that puts hiring managers to sleep (or, worse, ticks them off). Read "10 Overused Phrases Interviewers Can't Stand."

What kind of job-seeker-focused content would you like to see? Let me know in the comments section, or find me on Twitter and send me a message.

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February 12, 2009

What Role Does Religion Play in Your Work Life?

A recent Gallup survey asked Americans if religion played an important role in their daily lives. The results, broken down by state, found the top 10 states where people said yes to this question were in the South, while the six New England states were all among the bottom 10. (Other states in the bottom 10 were Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Nevada.)

This is no surprise, but it is interesting. A friend who lived in Texas said the first thing people asked her was what church she belonged to. That has never happened to me here in Massachusetts. As for me, I consider myself a very spiritual but not very religious person, although I do go to church. I also believe faith is a personal thing.

So I started thinking about the role religion plays in a major part of many of our lives: The workplace. It’s a topic we’ve covered before, but I’m interested to hear what you have to say. Leave a comment below about the places where your religion and work life meet (or don’t meet), and if you’re comfortable doing so, tell us where in the country you live.

In the meantime, these resources provide an overview of the topic:


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