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September 21, 2011

Mario Batali Hires New Media Production Coordinator through

Mario Maynard, Mass., September 21, 2011

World-renowned chef and restaurateur Mario Batali announced that he has hired Drea Bernardi as his new Media Production Coordinator through,the leading job-matching engine and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: MWW).

Successfully finding great candidates for a high-profile employer dramatizes how companies can meet their talent goals with innovative recruiting solutions to find the proverbial "needle in a haystack." Monster developed a strategy for Batali's new position that attracted over 1 million job views and nearly 50,000 resumes from multiple talent sources in 55 days, and then the "perfect fit" was identified through Monster’s award-winning 6Sense search technology.

"When I met Drea, I realized she was such a good fit that it's almost as if the job description was written just for her," said Batali, referring to the position that called for a candidate who wanted to break into new media; had a shared passion for food, wine, and travel; and spoke Italian. "I'm impressed that found me the perfect match for this job, no small feat considering the massive amount of resumes they needed to sift through for this position."

Even an exciting opportunity such as Batali's new position requires more than any one tactic to reach a robust group of relevant candidates. Monster used its Career Ad Network to attract candidates with an interest in Batali's trifecta of food, Italy, and media. Social media, CRM, and online branding rounded out the recruiting strategy. Then came the challenge of filtering through tens of thousands of resumes. To accomplish this, the Mergis Group used Monster’s 6Sense semantic search technology to find the top 50 best-matched candidates for the job. Candidates were then evaluated and narrowed down to the final five applicants who Batali personally interviewed before making his final selection.

"We are thrilled to have found Mario the perfect hire for the position," said Ted Gilvar, EVP and Global Chief Marketing Officer at Monster. "This is an illustration of how our 6Sense technology not only improves the efficiency of hiring, but finds people with amazing experience and qualifications. We found an Italian-speaking, food-loving New Yorker who lived in Venice, degreed in Mass Media with a concentration in production, with experience at producing cooking content. Now that's precision."

In her new role, Bernardi will aid Mario Batali in all activities relating to upcoming media (TV) and new media (Web-based) projects. She will get the exciting opportunity to work side-by-side with Mario Batali and his team, assisting in all aspects of production including research, logistics, and frequent travel -- and in the process, she will be learning from a visionary talent.

"I've always admired Mario Batali and want to thank for helping me land my dream job," said Bernardi, the new Media Production Coordinator with Mario Batali. "This is exactly what I wanted to be doing with my career, and I am eager to get started with Mario."

This newest Cool Job example with Mario Batali comes on the heels of's collaboration with Aflac to help search for a new voice for the famous Aflac Duck.  Monster previously worked with popchips and their President of Pop Culture, Ashton Kutcher, to find a VP of Pop Culture and also used its 6Sense technology to help Alicia Keys find a head blogger. 

Get career advice from Mario Batali in "A Recipe to a Happy Life: Finding Your Truth."

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November 24, 2009

Stay Healthy at Work over the Holidays

Ah, Thanksgiving -- the mother of all meals and the gateway to the holiday season.  What better way to 'celebrate' our health than to gorge on turkey, stuffing and more?


And this year, on top of high unemployment rates, we face the spread of H1N1 and the dearth of vaccines to fight the virus. So if we have our health, we’re likely thankful for it.


Nonetheless, in a May 2009 Monster poll, 71 percent of respondents say they go in to work sick, either because they’re afraid of losing their job or because work is just too busy.


So what can you do to stay healthy and productive? First, become familiar with the CDC’s information regarding H1N1 and the seasonal flu and consider getting a seasonal flu shot if you haven't already. Lastly, be sure to check out these articles on how to stay healthy at work, from fitting fitness into your workday to eating better on the job.


Remember: The healthier you keep yourself, the better a job your body will do in fighting off seasonal ailments. So have a helping of vegetables with that big turkey dinner.


How do you plan to stay healthy this holiday season?


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