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May 20, 2011

The Monster 5 for Friday--Careers Edition--May 20

On Fridays, we take a look back at the week that was, and show you five cool career-advice articles you may have missed.

5. We have to share this New York Times article about putting your job search in the palm of your hand -- with the right mobile devices (and not just because it features a glowing review of Monster.com's Interviews app). Read "Searching for a Job? Try Looking at Your Handheld First."

4. This story, from Monster.com's Advice section, made the Yahoo! homepage on Wednesday -- and it's advice that may just save your career. Read "Top 10 Ways to Get Fired."

3. And career expert Penelope Trunk has advice for you if you've left a job of your own accord. Read "How to Quit Every Job and Still Have a Good Resume."

2. The job interview has always been a crucial part of the hiring process. But in today's intensely competitive labor market, it couldn't be more key. Read "New Rules for the Job Interview" (from Time.com's Curious Capitalist blog).

1. Finally, FoxBusiness.com has some interesting career advice to mull over this weekend: "Career Advice: Don't Do What You're Supposed To." Think about it -- and we'll see you on Monday.

Do you need job-search advice? What job-seeker topics would you like to see covered? Leave a message for us in the comments section below, or find @monstercareers on Twitter and send a message. Also, get support and great job-seeker advice when you join our community on Facebook.


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