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December 03, 2010

The Monster 5 for Friday--Careers Edition--December 3

The monthly unemployment report was not nearly as cheery as we'd hoped it would be: The unemployment rate inched closer to dreadful double digits (up to 9.8 percent) as jobs were cut in construction, factories, and financial firms. Private companies created only 50,000 jobs--significantly fewer than the 160,000 private-sector jobs created in October (and the smallest gain since January).

This disappointing news caught many experts by surprise: They'd predicted approximately 150,000 new jobs, due to myriad positive indicators--including busier factories and a relatively strong start to the holiday shopping season. 

But the news may be better than it appears: Hiring during recent Novembers has been very volatile, making accuracy difficult. Joel Naroff, president of Naroff Economic Advisors, said December's employment figures would probably show a rebound. "We shouldn't panic," Naroff said. "In any recovery, it is not smooth sailing."

In other news about the report, Forbes.com has a blog post about the U.S. Labor Department's announcement of a change to the way jobs numbers are recorded: starting in January, it will record people who have been unemployed for up to five years (instead of up to two). At the same time, the New York Times is reporting on a disturbing trend: the longer a person is unemployed, the harder it becomes to find a new job.

Well, we are here to help. If you're one of the long-term unemployed, check out these tips: "Breaking Out of Long-Term Unemployment" and "Overcome the Stigma of Long-Term Unemployment."

And here are five more more helpful new career-advice articles from this week:

5. Every job interview is different--but there are some general principles that can guide you in just about any interview, for any job. Read "Selling Yourself in the Job Interview."

4. Getting ready to head to your company holiday party? Read "Office Holiday Party Etiquette" and "Make Your Holiday Party Work for You." 

3. Not all jobs are posted in public forums. Get tips finding them, in "Proof of the Hidden Job Market." 

2. Are you addicted to low-paying jobs? Seems unlikely, but the Wall Street Journal makes a case, in "A Program for Poor-aholics."

1. If you're looking for work, some activities are more productive--better uses of your time--than others. Read "How to Beat 8 Job-Search Time Wasters."

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It is very shocking to see the unemployment rate increasing in USA. If we compare the rate from Asian countries then they are moving nicely. Still USA needs to do a lot to reach a comfort level.

Posted by: Ilyas Shareef | Dec 6, 2010 10:52:10 AM

Not shocking to me. Vote for big business in the booth or with your everyday purchases and this is what will continue to happen.

Posted by: Batarang | Dec 7, 2010 11:54:49 AM

I really enjoyed this particular '5 For Friday' because of the "How to Beat 8 Job-Search Time Wasters" article. I think its rare that people consider those habits as time wasters, when they really are! Thanks for the link.

Posted by: Sarah | Dec 7, 2010 3:56:12 PM

Can you write more about "The Monster 5 for Friday--Careers Edition--December 3"..?
I am making a list of the "The Monster 5 for Friday--Careers Edition--December 3"..

Posted by: John Papers | Dec 11, 2010 4:25:59 AM

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