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March 24, 2010

Temporary Jobs Available with the US Census Bureau

It's that time again -- the US Census Bureau will attempt to count every person in the US and its territories for the 2010 Census. This is no easy feat and requires hundreds of thousands of temporary workers -- from Census takers and clerical staff to statisticians, IT specialists, geographers and cartographers.

Despite aggressive recruiting efforts, help is still needed in certain areas of the country, according to this New York Times article. Pay varies by location and bilingual speakers are especially needed. The Census Bureau touts flexible hours, paid training and the chance to be part of history as just a few of the job-related benefits.

For those concerned about losing unemployment benefits, that might not be the case. This Indianapolis Unemployment Examiner report explains that accepting part-time work such as a Census job doesn't necessarily disqualify you from receiving benefits. It's best to check with your local unemployment office to learn if your unemployment benefits would be affected.

If you or someone you know needs a temporary job, a Census job could fit the bill.

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