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October 08, 2007

To Get Ahead in Your Career, Start Blogging

If you’re a young professional, let me give you one piece of advice that could quickly catapult your career into the stratosphere: Start blogging.

Here are two guys who have done just that:

  • Ryan Healy had been out of college for less than a year when he colaunched a blog for twentysomethings in the workforce called Employee Evolution in February 2007. Less than six months later, the well-known career author and blogger Penelope Trunk was so impressed with the expertise Healy was demonstrating through his blog that she started a company with him. At the ripe old age of 23, Ryan quit his entry-level corporate job and is now set to try his hand at running a career development company.
  • Dan Schawbel, 24, writes the Personal Branding Blog. He’s already been hailed as a young turk of personal branding in Fast Company, has launched his own quarterly publication called Personal Branding Magazine and has been named the first-ever social media specialist by his employer, EMC.

Now could Ryan and Dan have landed their new gigs by following the traditional corporate path? Maybe. But it likely would have taken them years rather than months.

Thanks to the rapid adoption of social media tools in the workplace and the relative ease of connecting with peers and influential colleagues through online social networks and presence applications such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, a good blog can help you establish yourself as an expert and accelerate your career growth at a speed otherwise unthinkable as recently as a couple of years ago.

And what does it take to be a good blogger?

  • Good writing skills.
  • An interest or passion in a topic.
  • The discipline to post regularly.
  • A willingness to read and reach out to other bloggers and to engage in regular online and offline networking.

Start blogging, produce compelling content and build the right relationships, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a whole new set of career opportunities for yourself.

For more on making your way in the online world, check out these Monster career advice resources:

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Great post, Ryan. Glad you wrote about this topic. Blogging is also great for networking. Bloggers like to support each other and often share resources and ideas. Hope to see more college students and recent grads writing them.

Posted by: Lindsey Pollak | Oct 9, 2007 10:41:03 AM

Nice, timely post Bryan! A key to successful blogging is marketing, knowing how to “sell” yourself. Any opportunity you can seize to express an opinion that can help position yourself as a “thought leader” certainly can’t hurt when you’re angling to make a career move. Resumes are important and – if written well – can win you the job. But an online presence may just give you that extra edge. To take Lindsey’s point a step further, I’d even like to see more experienced professionals – especially Baby Boomers – look to the blog.

Posted by: Rick75 | Oct 10, 2007 11:48:41 AM

Lindsey and Rick:

Thanks for your comments. I wholeheartedly agree that blogging can help more professionals than just the younger crowd.

In fact, you might say talented blogging baby boomers could distinguish themselves even more, because fewer of their peers are likely to be doing it.

Posted by: Bryan Person, Bryper.com | Oct 10, 2007 11:52:03 AM


I totally agree. I started blogging for Fast Company a few months ago as a way to get my name out there. I've found it not only be an incredible tool for helping me to build my brand, but also something that forces me to organize and present my thoughts in a way that is directly transferrable to my current job.

Posted by: Shawn | Oct 11, 2007 9:27:43 AM

An article such as this, while well written and offering good ideas for bloggers, misses a few common sense points:

Be careful of not only what you blog but where you blog: many companies frown upon blogging on the clock, and by all means, do not expose company assets (secrets). That much said, whistle-blowing a real problem is not included in this warning.

Be careful what you blog about yourself. Unlike many, I prefer to keep my anonymity in my own blog. I frequently comment on other blogs, as myself, but prefer to be anonymous in order to always be honest in my opinions, without having to worry about repercussions. This limits the offline networking of my pseudonym, but not my real persona.

Case in point: Facebook is now open for searches to all, and not just members. So if you post pictures or stories about a "weekend bender", you may well wish to remove them (or go anonymous) to prevent a future, potential employer from judging you harshly.

Have fun: enough said.

Posted by: Charlie on the Pennsylvania Turnpike | Oct 11, 2007 9:44:08 PM

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