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March 22, 2007

How Twitter Can Help Your Career

Monster Careers Twitter page

A new social networking site that has been drawing plenty of attention and activity in the last month is Twitter.

What is Twitter, exactly? It’s a mix of social networking/microblogging, instant messaging and mobile phone text messaging in which you send and receive short messages (maximum of 140 characters) meant to answer the question, “What are you doing?”

From the career-development and networking points of view, Twitter has tremendous potential. Here are some suggestions on how to use the site:

  • Develop a consistent theme to your Twitter postings that reflects both your personal and professional interests and observations.

  • Include links to Web sites and blog posts -- including your own -- that demonstrate your area(s) of professional expertise.

  • Seek out, befriend and engage in online discussions with other Twitterers in your current or potentially future industry

  • Ask questions that harness the collective wisdom of your Twitter friends and build interest in and community around your Twitter page.

  • Start following our MonsterCareers Twitter page.

One warning, though: Twittering is very addictive and can quickly become a huge time suck if you’re a worker who’s easily distracted. So, before you register, make sure you take a spin through some of these articles:

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I had started using Twitter several weeks ago, under a different screen name. Initially, the signal-to-noise ratio was leading me to believe it was nothing more than a chat site. Now that Monster is on board, I can definitely envision potential uses in business networking.

Posted by: Charlie on the PA Turnpike | Mar 26, 2007 10:16:13 PM

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